WFH: How to setup offline mode in Google Docs

27/03/2020 0

If your organisation has asked to stay home and work from there, we have already covered the list of apps and devices that can help you set up a proper home office setup. However, one thing that perhaps most people use these days is Google word processors — docs, sheets, etc to write new articles or share a report with […]


Netflix to cut streaming quality in Europe

25/03/2020 0

Netflix will slightly reduce the video quality on its service in Europe for the next 30 days, to reduce the strain on internet service providers. Demand for streaming has increased because large parts of Europe are self-isolating at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. The video-streaming provider said lowering the picture quality would reduce Netflix data consumption by 25%. But […]

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Panduan Untuk Membuat Dan Menjawab Panggilan WhatsApp Dari PC

25/03/2020 0

Whatsapp adalah aplikasi pengiriman pesan instan yang populer digunakan di seluruh dunia. Whatsapp menyediakan berbagai fitur kepada penggunanya. Meskipun ini adalah aplikasi perpesanan instan, aplikasi ini juga memungkinkan kita melakukan panggilan audio dan video. Meskipun Whatsapp telah mendukung desktop, ia lebih berfokus pada platform seluler seperti Android dan iOS. Kelemahan utama menggunakan Whatsapp di PC adalah Anda tidak dapat melakukan […]

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How to Upgrade Your Home Wi-Fi and Get Faster Internet

20/03/2020 0

Coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, many people find themselves working or studying from home. Which also means that they are stuck with their home Wi-Fi networks, many of which may not feel up to the task. Some cable companies have increased speeds for low-income customers. Others have suspended broadband data caps. But eliminating subpar speeds and Wi-Fi […]