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How to use keyboard shortcuts on Gmail

13/12/2019 0

Gmail is among the most widely used and feature-rich email client available. Among all other features, Gmail also allows users to use predefined keyboard shortcuts to make the navigation more comfortable as well as faster. However, to use keyboard shortcuts to compose a new mail, or navigate through the interface with a press of a few buttons, you need to […]


What Is The Internet Of Bodies? And How Is It Changing Our World?

11/12/2019 0

Source from Forbes, Have you heard the term the Internet of Bodies (IoB)? That may conjure up a few thoughts that have nothing to do with the true nature of the term, but it’s about using the human body as the latest data platform. At first, this concept seems quite creepy, but then when you realize the possibilities it creates, […]

Tips & Trick

How to remove trusted devices from Google Account

06/12/2019 0

Trusted devices for most people are usually a phone or computer that are used to authorize a login in case a user has activated two-step verification and don’t want to enter security code or security key every time to authenticate. Despite the fact that it adds convenience while logging into Google account, at times it becomes confusing. This happens when […]


This cheap gadget can stop your smartphone or tablet being hacked

04/12/2019 0

If you use public USB power charging stations at airports, hotels, and other locations, you need this a USB data blocker. There are three things that must you when you out and about make sure you use a VPN when using public Wi-Fi, and you always make sure you use a USB data blocker, otherwise known as a USB condom […]