19 Jan , 2016  

Interested in making a smart investment using FasaPay? Ayrex has got you covered.

Make your first deposit in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Create an account with Ayrex

Go to and click on the Sign Up button. If … Lanjutkan membaca


Announcement of Religious Feast Day and New Year 2016

16 Dec , 2015  


Announcement of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad or Maulid Nabi and Christmas Day

To commemorate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, or known as Maulid Nabi and also Christmas Day,¬†FasaPay operational service is opened until 05.00 PM WIB (UTC + … Lanjutkan membaca

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5tepUp: FasaPay’s 5th Anniversary

4 Dec , 2015  


In order to celebrate FasaPay 5th anniversary, FasaPay will give you more prizes as our thanks for your loyalty to keeping us becoming your online payment gateway. Thus, FasaPay hold some quizzes which can be joined by members to get … Lanjutkan membaca


Holiday Announcement of General Election of Regional Head of Indonesian Republic

4 Dec , 2015  


In order to celebrate General Election of Regional Head of Indonesian Republic, our government defines the date of December 9th as a national holiday, which is referred to Presidential Decree (Decree) No. 25 of 2015. This decision was intended to … Lanjutkan membaca


Clarification Related FasaPay Articles on Online Media

10 Oct , 2014  


On November 9, 2014, KONTAN online news media issued an article entitled “Scam Investment” : OJK release 262 names of Scam Investment, here is the list” (click here). The same thing was done by KOMPAS online news media … Lanjutkan membaca


FasaPay Limit Transaction

28 Apr , 2014  

fasapay transaction limit

Your FasaPay limit is depend on your Status Member. The higher of your Member Status, the higher your limit.

Limit that listed below is limit per transaction, not limit total amount in a day. So, you can transfer unlimitedly times … Lanjutkan membaca