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How to stop others from knowing where your photos were clicked

24/01/2020 0

When we capture a new picture or video using our smartphone, it also records the location coordinates of the picture taken if location services on your smartphone are turned on. This comes in handy while organising the photos in the app based on location it was captured or based on the event as well. Location data in a picture is […]


Instagram deletes the IGTV button because hardly anybody was using it

22/01/2020 0

Source CNN BUSINESS, Instagram has quietly removed a button that was perched on the top of people’s feeds and directed people to IGTV, its fledgling long-form video hub. The IGTV button used to be next to the direct-message arrow on the top right corner of the app. People weren’t clicking on the button — they were discovering videos other ways, […]

Tips & Trick

How to avoid fraud on Google Pay

17/01/2020 0

Digital payments make our life easy by enabling cash-free transactions. But, it has its own risks and vulnerabilities. Recently, a man residing in Thane, Maharashtra lost over Rs 1 lakh after a scamster requested for money through digital wallets. The victim posted an ad on a social media platform to sell his furniture. The scamster, pretending to be a buyer […]


Google may have a new name for this iPhone-like feature for Android phones

15/01/2020 0

Google has been known to be working on a feature that works similar to Apple’s Airdrop feature. Back in July 2019, it was reported that Google is revamped its Android Beam and will launch it as ‘Fast Share’. Now, a fresh report by XDA-Developers claims that Google is again rebranding it and will call it ‘Nearby Sharing’. This feature with […]