You can now share links using QR code, here’s how

Google Chrome once again is tipped to get a new feature that will allow users to share the website or any particular webpage by converting it to a QR code which can be decoded by a compatible device such as smartphone’s camera or Google Lens.

Though the feature is yet to make to the final version of Google Chrome, the testing version of the browser usually known as Chrome Canary has this feature. However, it is turned off by default and users will have to enable it manually by heading into the ‘flags’ section where Google usually hides the experimental features of the browser.

So, if are excited about this feature before it arrives on the final version, follow these steps.

Google Chrome Canary must be installed on your PC
Working internet connectivity
Also, do note that, Canary is a testing version and hence there could be some glitch with the browser as well as the feature.

1. Assuming you already have Chrome Canary installed on your device, open it
2. Then type-in ‘chrome://flags/#sharing-qr-code-generator’ in the address bar of the browser
3. This will automatically redirect you to flags page directly
4. Now, to save some time press ctrl + f on your PC and type QR Code and press enter
5. Choose the option Enable from the box in front of the option ‘Enable sharing page via QR code’
6. Then click on Relaunch Now button from the bottom of the screen
7. To use this feature, open any webpage and click on three-dots and then click on the option ‘Generate QR code for this page’