Workspace gadgets for a futuristic home office

You’ve always wanted to try working from home, but you never thought it come about this way. With a few days’ notice, you’ve converted that corner in your living room into a full-time workstation. And while you did the best you could, it feels a bit makeshift. That’s because it is. You’re working from a tiny laptop with wires tangled around your desk. It’s not the professional, streamlined home office you were hoping for. What you need is something that will motivate you to do your best work every day. A more futuristic home office setup could help.

Futuristic designs could help you work better
Office design is important. Forbes says that while large corporations have access to the latest research about the best office designs for productivity, people working from home make do with what they have. But there are some proven elements you can add to your work-from-home set up to increase your effectiveness. The Forbes article recommends the following design elements. Many of them fit a futuristic home office set up, such as:

A window on nature or water
Looking out a window at trees or water helps us relax and rejuvenates our mental energy. This is something we lose as we go about our workday. Whenever possible, set up your workspace near a window.

Using unpainted wood
Unpainted wood adds a calming element to your office since it brings a bit of nature inside. Also, it’s warm color is pleasing to the eye.

Reconfigurable furnishings
Furniture that you can adjust and use for more than one purpose is a hallmark of futuristic design. And this type of furniture is a great way to make the most of a space—your home—whose original purpose probably wasn’t your work. Reconfigurable furnishings also give you more control of your environment, which has been linked to professional performance.

Built-in, streamlined accessories
Any design element that allows you to gain physical control over your environment will give you mental power. Luckily, modern office equipment features a ton of wireless products, built-in lights, shelves etc. to organize clutter and provide you with space.

So, with that in mind, here are ten gadgets for a futuristic home office.