Working from home: Here’s how to sign a PDF document digitally using smartphone or laptop

Signing a document received via email is not a new thing. As the entire country is in lockdown and most people are working from home, signing documents digitally is the only way to authenticate a document.

But the entire process of downloading, printing, signing and scanning it back to send sounds a bit dated and time consuming as well. There’s a better and faster way to do the same thing that does not require printing and scanning at all.

In this how-to guide, we will tell you how to electronically sign a document right on the computer or smartphones screen.

How to digitally sign a document: General process
First take a white paper and sign it. Then scan it and save it on your PC. Yes, the process requires scanning but this is just one time process to convert your signature into digital form. You can now, open any document in word processor or image editor and pace the signature wherever you want.

How to digitally sign a document: Windows, Android and Mac
1.Open the received document in Adobe Reader

2.Click on Fill & Sign button placed at the right plane

3.Then, Click on the Sign button from the toolbar

4.Choose Add Signature option

5.Now, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC gives three option to sign a document
Using Adobe automated signature convertor- All you need to do is type your name and Adobe will convert that into a sign for you. But, this will not look like your original signature
Draw: Use trackpad, mouse or touchscreen to draw the signature
Import: Remember general mode, you can even import that signature and place it where you want.

6.Now, click on the Apply button
Also, note that you can Save the Signature by checking the Save Signature box to speed up the entire process in future

7.Save the document and send
How to digitally sign a document: iPhone and iPad
Well, Apple is way ahead of others in this as its email client comes with a built in feature called Markup and Reply that allows users to sign a document and reply instantly.

Simply open a PDF document in Mail and tap on the Markup and Reply option. Sign the document and reply. In case you have the iPad that supports Apple Pencil, it adds up to the entire process.