What are the differences in the status of stores and corporate in FasaPay?

Fasapay is available by offering features that can be enjoyed by consumers and merchants who want to get convenience in payment transactions. Like other online payment service providers, there is a deposit service feature that accepts transactions from all available banks, does not require a credit card, embeds transaction PIN features, and others.

Beyond that, there are several features that have become the mainstay of FasaPay to be able to exist in the midst of competition for similar services. Is the aspect of transaction security and accessibility aspects.

Well before registering FasaPay, it’s a good idea to know the level of member status in FasaPay is anything. Here is the status:

  • Not active
  • Registered
  • Active
  • Verified
  • Store
  • Corporate
  • Suspended
  • After knowing the status level in FasaPay, sometimes some members are confused about what is the difference between store and corporate. Now here is the explanation:

    What is the status of Store and Company?
    There are two types of traders in FasaPay, Store and Company. Store for personal and corporate business for corporate business. Both have different requirements.

    Requirement documents for the Store, namely the Company Owner, Passport, Company Owner’s billing proof and Company legality, while the required documents for the Company are Company Representative Passport, Company billing statement and Company legality.

    Upload the required document in the Profile area member menu> Upload ID.