WFH: How to setup offline mode in Google Docs

If your organisation has asked to stay home and work from there, we have already covered the list of apps and devices that can help you set up a proper home office setup. However, one thing that perhaps most people use these days is Google word processors — docs, sheets, etc to write new articles or share a report with your colleagues.
Google Docs is an online word processor that allows users to share the document with multiple people and work on that together or see the real-time changes. However, when you are working from home, there’s a factor called unstable internet connectivity and the fear of losing the data in the midway.
So, if that thought is running through your mind the entire day, fret not, this Google Docs feature can solve your problem. So, no matter how strong or stable your Wi-Fi connection is, we advise everyone to enable the Google Docs offline mode.
When offline mode is turned on, Google Docs automatically syncs all the progress once the stable connection is back. This also comes in handy when there’s no internet connectivity.

Do note that Google Chrome is a must as the feature only works with Chrome.
1. Open Google Chrome and click on the link below to install the Google Chrome offline extension
Googe Chrome offline extension
2.Visit Google Docs, or Sheets or Slides and click on the three horizontal lines
3. Head to Settings and enable the Offline toggle
Once enabled, the extension will automatically sync all the latest docs, sheet and slides for offline use.
4. After this, the bottom of the screen will show a notification stating that offline mode has been activated and has been set up successfully.
5. You can also save some important files to offline mode manually by clicking on Make available offline under the Files option