Ways To Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

It’s nearly impossible to get by today without using a cell phone, especially as smartphones become more ubiquitous and our daily tasks require their use.

Recently, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection revealed a comprehensive list of smartphones that emit the most radiation. Surprisingly, OnePlus and Xiaomi smartphones have grabbed the top spots when it comes to emitting the most radiation. As per the list, the Mi A1, the first generation Android One phone from Xiaomi emits the highest level of radiation with 1.75 W/Kg SAR value. The next one on the list is the OnePlus 5T with 1.68 W/Kg SAR Value.

In India, the permissible level of radiation from a mobile phone is 1.6 W/Kg. Going by the same, these phones have exceeded the permissible limits in the country. If you aren’t clear about SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), it is the amount of radiation emitted by a mobile phone that will be absorbed by the human body. So, the lower the SAR value, the lesser amount of radiation is absorbed by the body.

Though there is no specific theory to prove the harmful effects of radiation from a mobile phone, its effects depend on the duration of exposure to radiation. As it is not possible to stop using mobile devices completely, there are some tips that can be followed to stay safe from the radiation. Here, we have detailed a few tips to prevent mobile radiation from causing harm.

1. Use wired headphones
There are reports suggesting that talking on the phone for more than 50 minutes will affect the activities of the person’s brain. So, it is recommended that you should save yourself from high levels of radiation. The easiest way to do this is to make use of a wired headset. Of course, Bluetooth headphones have gained traction of late, but these might not be completely safe and can emit radiation to some extent. When you use headphones, your phone will not be placed to close to your body, so there is increased chances for the radiation level to go down.

2. Anti-radiation cases
While protective cases are commonly used, there are companies that make anti-radiation cases. These cases are made of a synthetic on the exterior and microfiber on the interior. These materials will protect your phone as well as prevent the harmful effects of radiation with a radiation-shielding foil. This will deflect and absorb radiation in order to minimize the exposure to radiation.

3. Avoid carrying your phone in the pocket
It is quite common to see people carrying their mobile phone in their pocket. As mobile phones emit radiation on a continuous basis even when the same is not in use, carrying it in your pocket will increase the harm. To keep the harmful effects of radiation at the bay, it is important to carry your mobile phone in a bag or in your hand instead of your pocket.

4. Avoid weak signal areas
When the network strength is weak, you should try to use your phone. When the handset tries hard to connect to the network due to poor signal strength, it will emit higher levels of electromagnetic radiation. Eventually, it is recommended that you should not use phones in areas where the signal strength is low such as metros, basements, etc.

In case you live in a place where there is a weak network, it is suggested that you install a signal booster to enhance the same. Also, make sure you do not use your phone in places like bus, elevator, car, metro, etc. as the metal surroundings will reflect radiation waves and increase the exposure to radiation.

Besides these tips, it is important to cut down the talk time, avoid sleeping with your phone at your bedside or use any sort of wireless device in the room while sleeping.

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