Update Your Password Periodically

There are many people who do not yet have an awareness of cybersecurity. The trivial thing he example is to change the password e-mail and ATM periodically. However, people rarely pay attention.

He explained, especially e-mail accounts, vulnerable to security breach or security breach. In fact, if the community periodically change the password e-mail, then 50 percent have been spared from crime cyber.

If this trivial thing is done, it is not likely to have an impact on the security of the national cyber.

On the other hand, the issue of cyber security is not only happening in one country but also in other countries.

One way to avoid cybers is to change the password periodically.

Password management is a way of managing keywords by users so that its function as an information security gateway can effectively play a role. In managing these passwords there are a number of things that need to be taken seriously.

Here are some important things that should be understood and taken seriously by all users password.

Choosing a Good Password
A good password criterion is actually quite simple, limited only by two conditions, namely: easy to remember by the owner, and at the same time difficult to guess by others or those who have no right to know.

Ideal Password Criterion
A good password is recommended to have a number of characteristics as follows:

  • Consists of a minimum of 8 characters – which in principle is more and more the better the character is, the recommended password is relatively safe if it is composed of 15 characters;
  • Use a random mix of different types of characters, namely: uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols;
  • Avoid passwords consisting of words that can be found in a language dictionary;
  • Choose passwords that can in some way be easy to remember; and
  • Do not use the same password for different systems.

  • Things to note also is to avoid using the same password for different systems, because in addition it will increase risk, will also facilitate criminals in carrying out the action. The point is that every time someone feels that the password has been too long used, and / or concerned to feel that there are already many people around him who engage with it with the possibility of one or two of them being interested to know the password related, no need to hesitate to immediately change the password