Top Whatsapp Marketing Tips and Tricks

Whatsapp Marketing to me must be a part of a well integrated market plan. Ignoring it or fearing the extra effort will only let you lose the reach to those you can otherwise easily influence.

Do Not

1. Do not send messages to all the mobile numbers.
2. Do not send messages too frequently.
3. Do not ignore customer feedback or queries.
4. Update your profile regularly.
5. Avoid creating groups of unknown people.

Following the above mentioned points will help you manage hassles in sending out marketing messages to your customers.


1. Share your Whatsapp Contact details on your website and other social media platforms.
2. Use whatsapp only when you have an established relationship with your customers.
3. Though whatsapp is an informal platform, always maintain a decorum while speaking to your customer.
4. Respond immediately to queries. Timely communication is essential for any business.
5. Post images and videos of your product. Visual messages have a greater impact.
6. Include some fun element in your messages- A joke or a meme would be appropriate.
7. If you are not available all the time. Mention that you can be reached on a specific day at a specific time period.
8.Posting a product offer on FaceBook and follow up on Whatsapp is the key to targeted communication.