Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Do you know how to sell yourself in interview? Have you found yourself freezing up? Have you ever had a question where you have not been able to work out what the interviewer was asking? Here are my top 10 interview tips

Research the organization – Everyone gets nervous in interview. Having some confidence is a solid first step to overcoming nerves. You can actually tell a lot about an employer from the employment pages of their website. Often companies will use testimonials that way to attract new people.

Research the role – Job advertisements are partly to blame. They are often misleading. Things always sound different on paper compared to what you will actually be doing in the role. Also important is a real insight into the role and the recruitment process. You can determine what you can do and importantly you can start to make yourself known (in a good way) to your future employer.

Research yourself – Have a long hard look at what you have achieved, the way you have achieved that result and the skills you developed. This type of reflection helps you understand your strengths. It gives you confidence and helps you overcome nerves.

Interviewer insight – No two interview processes are the same. You could be interviewed by a recruitment consultant, the HR department, or the manager. Each will have a different agenda for the interview. This is important to remember as your approach with each should be slightly different.

Practice – I strongly suggest practicing for an interview and seeking professional help. A professional is skilled at drawing examples out of you and finessing the ones you already have.

Build rapport – Be friendly. One of the best ways to relax is to assume the interviewer is on your side. In fact, most of them are on your side, or are at the very least they will be approaching the interview in a professional manner.

Give yourself time – No matter what excuse you have, lateness is noted. It creates a negative impression and it puts you behind immediately. Allowing waiting time for an interview gives you time to compose yourself, gather your thoughts and be mentally prepared.

Please be yourself – You will be doing yourself no favours if you try and suppress your personality, or pretend to be something that you aren’t.

Relax – There are other jobs out there. If you keep this in mind then you’ll remove some pressure from yourself. If you think the interview is going badly, relax and use it as practice for the next one.

An insider’s tip – Be polite and friendly with whomever you meet in the process from the very first phone call to the last goodbye to the receptionist on your way out.