Tips which can help revolutionize your ecommerce strategy

In today’s world of ecommerce, there are dozens of ways to scale. While some businesses focus on high ticket items, others focus on dominating hyper-specific product categories, and neither way is necessarily right or wrong.

I spoke to 13 ecommerce entrepreneurs to find their best answers. Here are their tips, which can help revolutionize your ecommerce strategy.

  1. Think like a customer.
    Katie Melissa is an ecommerce expert who focuses on product categories like watches and sunglasses. She dropships many of her products and has an eye for good design.
  2. Intertwine your email and social.
    Frank Hatchett is the man behind Online Dimes, an incredible resource for entrepreneurs looking to understand key ecommerce growth strategies. He also runs a huge 20,000+ person Facebook group, Online Samurais, which explores all facets of online marketing — including how people make money by giving away free products.
  3. Learn through doing.
    Richard Lazazzera is a former member of the Growth team at Shopify and now runs A Better Lemonade Stand, one of the most popular resources for ecommerce entrepreneurs today. He also teaches entrepreneurs through his program, Build Launch Grow.
  4. Maximize email to convert customers.
    Susan Bradley is a seasoned ecommerce entrepreneur who learned scalability through her store, Wee Squeak. She also runs The Social Sales Girls, a program that teaches ecommerce.
  5. Use (and maximize) a funnel approach.
    Terry Arsenault runs a few ecommerce stores (like Leafwood) while leading a digital marketing agency, Shopidd. He also started the Shopify Ecommerce Group on Facebook, which has over 10,000 members.

Source : Entrepreneur