Tips to Take Good Care of Your Laptop Battery

A battery is an important hardware component that supplies power to your laptop. It’s necessary to always take good care of your laptop battery so that it can better work for you.

Without a healthy battery, your laptop will lose the ability to be mobile. Hence, from now on take good care of your laptop battery to maintain it a good condition. This won’t require you to spend much time and energy. Just need to pay more attention to details on a daily basis. Now this post outlines several important tips you need to follow to take better care of your laptop battery.

3 tips to take good care of your laptop battery
The following tips can help reduce the performance degradation rate of a laptop battery and keep it as healthy as possible when you first bought it.

Tips 1: Charging and discharging
Avoid constantly charging and discharging: I have seen some people, in order to work, play games, or watch TV series, keep charging their laptops with the battery plugged in the whole day or even several days. This is likely to shorten the laptop battery lifespan. Experts recommend removing the battery if you need to keep charging your laptop, or disconnect the power adapter once charging is completed.

Regularly fully discharging and recharging: If you charge your laptop for the first time, fully charge it to 100%. After that, to take better care of the laptop battery, keep it 40%-80% charge most of the time; and timely charge it before it drop below 20%. You should fully discharge and recharge your laptop battery at least once a month. But do not leave it fully charged or fully discharged for a long period time. If you don’t use your laptop for more than half one year, the right way to take care of your battery is storing your laptop with 40%~50% charge.

Tips 2: Avoid high temperature
Laptop battery work best at room temperature. High temperature is the biggest enemy of laptop battery. Frequently leaving laptop in high temperature will decrease the battery capacity. Hence, to take good care of your battery don’t put your laptop on your legs, couch, quilt or any object where heat can’t give off easily. After the charging is completed, disconnect the external power supply as soon as possible in order to reduce the battery temperature. In addition, keep your laptop tidy and don’t let any dust stem the air vents.

Tips 3: Avoid high voltage
A stable voltage is also very important for laptop battery. An unstable or instantaneous high voltage will damage battery. Hence, to take better care of your laptop battery, try to avoid connecting the laptop power adapter to one power outlet with high-power appliances connected, such as air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. In addition, don’t charge your laptop battery in Thunder Weather.

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