Tips to prevent spammers from attacking your Google Calendar using Gmail

Source from GADGETSNOW, Spammers are everywhere. Let it be in text messages, calls, social media or emails, there seems no stopping to it. But it looks like these are not only platforms where they are involved. As it turns out, they can even take over you Google Calendar, an application by the search giant that comes pre-installed in millions of Android smartphones and is used by many around the globe. While there are enough tutorials and tips to prevent spammers from entering your email inbox, messages and social media feeds, this is what you need to do to prevent them from attacking your calendar.

But before we tell you the necessary steps. Here’s what you need to understand. In case you’re wondering how spammers can spam your Google Calendar, here’s how they do it.

In case you aren’t aware, both your Gmail and Google Calendar services are integrated with each other. This means that whenever you book flight tickets and get it on Gmail or when some sends you an invitation, all that info is extracted automatically and is added in your calendar. The spammer takes advantage of this ‘auto-integration’ by sending you a fraudulent invite on Gmail, which automatically gets saved on your Calendar.

But here’s how you can prevent that from happening:
1.Open Google Calendar on desktop.
2.On the top right corner, click on the gear icon
3.Click on the ‘Settings’ option.
4.Click the arrow next to ‘General’ to view options.
5.Click on ‘Event settings’ or ‘Events from Gmail’.
6.Uncheck the automatically add invitations event settings as it will be enabled by default. Confirm from the pop-up window.

And voila, you’re done. This is prevent auto adding the invite date to Calendar. Instead it will only add the invitation to Google Calendar when you reply to that invitation.