Tips to make Ramadan easier (and fun) for kids

Even though kids are not obligated to fast the entire month of Ramadan until they reach puberty, most parents encourage fasting a few hours a day to ease them into it. Here are some tips to make things easier and fun for your kids during this holy month:

1. Be an example to your children: Children see their parents as role models and imitate their actions, knowingly and unknowingly

2. Let children nap or take a quick nap with your kids to reboot and reenergise yourself and them

3. Read children’s books on Ramadan: For the story to be lively and fun, take turns reading, or each family member can take on the role of a character in the story

4. Involve kids when preparing for Iftar: Let your children – male and female – lend a helping hand in the kitchen

5. Invite family and friends over for Iftar: Children should be taught that there are huge rewards for feeding a fasting person

6. Take children along when doing any form of charity work: Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to feed the poor or spend time with the elderly or orphans.

Source : GH