Tips Spontaneous While Take Candid Photography

Moments and emotions are usually best captured when the subject is totally unaware, without striking clichéd camera poses. This is when the beauty of the subject is portrayed in a truly genuine sense. Be it a person, an object or even a random street, clicking a candid photograph always tells the story behind the picture! Now, clicking candid doesn’t mean that you should go crazy and haywire with the camera. You need to remember that being spontaneous and tactful is the way to get the best candid shots. Here are some tips that you must know.

1. Set your camera settings so that you can forget about it for the rest of your photography session.

When you are in a place where you want to enjoy and click as well, this is the first thing you need to do. Set your camera on Aperture priority mode where the camera will choose a shutter speed to give the right exposure while you control the ISO and aperture, or on Shutter priority mode wherein you can control the shutter speed. Depending on the location, you can adjust your shooting modes.

2. Find the right frame through your eyes first and then through the viewfinder.

Again, the fun in clicking candid shots is only when you are able to spot the right frames with your own eyes (because only your eyes can capture the story behind the picture). Avoid getting distracted by constantly looking through the camera’s viewfinder. Instead, once you spot the right frame, move the viewfinder to your eye and click effortlessly in the exact frame which you saw through your eyes.

3. Shoot multiple shots at the same spot.

Don’t be satisfied with just one click when it comes to candid photography. Instead, just put on your camera on continuous shooting mode. Shoot in bursts of multiple images because facial reactions and movements continually keep changing. So, you never know when you might get that one awesome shot.

4. Switch off the flash to avoid distraction.

Generally, people get conscious of the camera if they spot flashes clicking on them, and you might just miss the whole point of clicking candid pictures. They would either start posing or just run away from the camera! To increase the lighting, either you can increase the ISO, aperture or shutter speed.

5. Find your angle.

Clicking from a different angle and a lower height than your usual 5-6 feet eye-level will always give you a more relaxed perspective. You can keep your subject unaware this way as you capture them in their eased-out moments. You might just need to use a wider angle in this case.

6. Stand far and use a long zoom lens instead.

The key is to just capture even the most beautiful moments without an ounce of disturbance. So, you can just stand at a distance and use the double zoom kit of Canon EOS 1300D which comes with EF-S 18-55mm IS II + EF-S 55-250mm IS II. This will help you not look creepy, and help you get the best shots.
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Give your passion a kickstart by getting one before you start capturing all those beautiful and candid moments. What say?