Tips for keeping your business safe online

Protecting any business, large or small, start-up or established, against the latest web threats has become an incredibly complicated task.

The consequences of external attacks, internal security breaches and Internet abuse have placed Internet security high on the small business agenda – so what do you need to know about security and what are the key elements to ensure your new business is and remains safe online?

Here’s how to protect your business online:

  1. Close your doors to malware

In the same way that you wouldn’t dream of leaving your back door unlocked at night, you wouldn’t invite cyber criminals into your business. But, by not securing your computers, that could be exactly what you’re doing.

  1. Write your policy – small businesses and start-ups are targets

Size is really irrelevant when it comes to online crime and fraud and smaller businesses are easier targets due to limited or no in-house IT support. Teach employees and re-teach them about your security requirements.

  1. Tackle social media before it trips you up

Social media is here to stay, so empower your employees with best practices and guidelines.

  1. Protect with passwords

Like it or not, passwords are the key to most small business networks, so they are important to protecting access to your networks. The more keystrokes and characters you add the stronger your password will be.

  1. Get critical about Internet security

Select security solutions that can help you conquer the latest threats with fewer distractions for your employees.

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