Tips And Tricks To Avoid Thirst This Ramadan

This year, Ramadan would be welcomed in the blazing heat of May & June. Little did you know that in the olden Muslim era, Ramadan was made for the hotter climate, which is why it is derived from the wordRamad meaning ‘intense heat’ or ‘parchedness’. The hunger games are nevertheless easier to win at during these summer Ramadan fasts, the real deal is thirst because that’s comparatively a hard aspect of summers to avoid. Although we understand that the real purpose behind fasting is to stay without food and water for the sake of the Almighty and a true momin is he who does that without complaining, we also understand that Allah does not want us to get into any level of discomfort and therefore this sacrifice for Him should be made manageable in the scorching heat that waits ahead.
Here are some tips and tricks from Team Nutright that might serve as helpful for you to control and manage your hydration this Ramadan. Happy fasting!
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Avoid Spices
We are all habitual of eating the leftover raat ka saalan with desi ghee ka paratha in sehri, aren’t we? And most of the times, that oil-laden gravy filled with spices keeps us burping with a burning chest throughout the fast. Also, that makes you more thirsty than you usually would be. Avoid spicy foods especially atsuhoor time and you would see a massive change in your thirst.

No compromising on fruits
Fruits are a natural reserve for water and energy. And so are vegetables! Hence, during Ramadan make it a habit to have as many fruits and veggies as you can. Doesn’t matter if your intake is in the form of salads orfruit juices, just don’t miss out on them because they really help to keep you hydrated.

Drink more water after iftaar
The reason why you should make this a habit is because when you don’t do that and take multiple glasses of water, one after the other, just at sehri then that is something that really disrupts your digestive track. And it’s really hard to drink more than 3-4 glasses of water during that short period of time. Instead, take regular drinks after iftaar and dinner to store water for the next day’s fast.

Cut down on caffeine
Some of the burger awaam actually sips coffee during Ramadan to stay energized during the day and not doze off. Do you have any idea how thirsty that makes you? And it’s also not very productive if taken from a health’s perspective. The coffee would sit in your stomach the entire day and your body would take that as its fuel. Also, did you know that caffeine makes you urinate more than usual? You keep on losing hydration.

Reduce physical work
We understand that this is not entirely possible for some, but try to cut down on some that can be done once you have broken your fast. Please avoid gyming during your fast (yes, some of us actually do that to kill time!) Physical exertion makes you sweat more and because your body keeps on losing moisture, you start feeling thirsty. Reduce physical work as much as possible.
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