The Rise Of The Metaverse: Where Crypto, NFT And Luxury Brands Merge

While a decade ago, the metaverse has become a bonafide part of the modern world. saw meta-mania fully grip the business sector, with Facebook announcing metaverse-focused projects and a slew of content relating to the metaverse being released.

Metaverse 2022:

No longer the setting of a sci-fi epic, the metaverse is becoming as real as the material world. But what is the metaverse? In short, the metaverse refers to virtual worlds that are designed for humans to interact with— as easily as they do in the real world. This goes beyond playing games or chatting with avatars. More ot my point, this means buying assets, getting married, travelling, and everything in between. Including fashion and related industries.

Fashion Metaverse:

In reality, the metaverse is a technological advancement and tech has always been a way to signal luxury. From the latest smartphones to accessories costing hundreds of dollars, the two worlds have always been fairly intertwined. Even in the last decade as we’ve seen more blockchain-based advancements, luxury has been signalled in one way or the other.

Once a novel internet concept, cryptocurrencies are now often worth thousands of dollars and holding them has become a way to signal wealth, with ‘crypto bros’ dominating social media. With NFT’s being used as internet collectables, having a piece from a top-rated collection is now like owning a Warhol or a Basquiat. Simply put, anything that can be sold for a lot of money can become a status symbol and these have come to include cryptos and NFT’s.