The Four Keys to Effective Practice

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Practice is an important factor in mastering any skill. You want the hours you put in to be as effective as possible so you can improve steadily. Here are four keys to making sure your practice is effective.

Minimise distractions
Put the telepon where you can’t see or hear any notifications so you won’t be tempted to stop practicing
Focus on quality
Start slow for what you’re practicing so you can make sure you’re doing quality work. Once you feel comfortable, increase your speed but don’t lose sight of the quality of your practice.
Divide your practice into sessions
Give yourself breaks in between practice sessions to maintain the right quality level during practice.
Use your imagination
Run through your dance moves, speech, or piece of music in your imagination when you’re not physically practicing. This can actually help you improve since many skills have a heavy mental component.
Even if you really love something, there are moments during practice that are frustrating. Keep the above tips in mind to stay focused and on the path to improvement.

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