Promotion Email Campaign

To give appreciation to FasaPay Merchant, FasaPay gives free two email campaign for the first purchase of email campaign with the following terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Has been registered as FasaPay Member.
  • Order through Email Campaign.
  • Merchant can only choose the date for the paid email campaign (1x).
  • Make a payment through FasaPay transfer to FP00100.
  • Confirm to marketing team via email at [email protected].
  • Free buy 1 get 2 only given for the first purchase in a purchase period, with maximum one purchase are for 5 slots and valid for slots during 2021.
  • Purchase period is calculated from the first date until the bonus slot is published.
  • Purchase that made before the expiration date of prior purchase period will not receive the bonuses.
  • Free email campaign will be determined by FasaPay promotion team and will be confirmed through email.
  • FasaPay does not provide tracking link or tracking service. The FasaPay Merchant is suggested to give URL that can track Member’s activities on the email.
  • Email campaign will be sent once a week every Friday.

Ordering procedure :
Please click here for the guide order email campaign.