Russian Vending Machine Sells Instagram Likes and Followers in Shopping Centres

When you take a ripper selfie and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, you can head to a new vending machine to buy likes or followers for social media.We all love the feel-good metric of Instagram likes and Twitter followers, but a new vending machine has proved just how low our social media obsession has sunk.

Located in shopping centres across Russia are vending machines built for the purpose of selling likes and followers for social media accounts.For $A1.16 customers can get 100 fake Instagram likes for the picture they snapped in the food court or for $A2.32 they can gain 100 new followers – what a time to be alive!

The machine also takes selfies, prints Instagram photos and sells fake followers and likes for VK — a popular social networking site in Russia.According to Motherboard, Russian company Snatap are the masterminds behind the vending machine, with roughly 20 in operation across the country. For the low price of $A325 you can rent your own machine, although the company doesn’t answer how long such a rental would last.

Snatap also explain when people use the device it “automatically adds customer’s in social.networks [sic]” and “sends requests to the client’s friends.” So if you don’t want your Instagram account to start sending out advertisements for Snatap’s clients, it’s probably wise you avoid this machine. Pictures of the machine have also surfaced on Instagram, with one user praising the machine in their post.

“You can now buy likes and followers through a vending machine in the mall under the Kremlin wall,” the caption read. “This is the cyberpunk we deserve.”
The post was also met favourably in the comments.
“That’s a pretty good business model,” wrote one user. “Genius,” added another.

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