Profit into FasaPay Merchant

Fasapay is a service that offers online payment system in an easy, fast and secure way. This service is present to help the business in the internet world, so that can transact more easily through this online payment system. The facilities you can get through this online payment system is easy and instant money transfer, receive online payment with a secure system, can make online shopping payments, to Shopping Cart Interface service. This payment system is perfect for those of you who are currently opening an online store business, online games, Foreign Exchange Brokers, Websites donate and so forth.

As a fast and safe online payment system, there are many benefits you can get by joining with FasaPay, such as:

  • Transaction Fee 0.5%, lower than any credit card interests. But with maximum Fee is 50.000,00 IDR or USD 5.00
  • 24/7 accessible Transaction History.
  • Affiliate System. Members will get 10% commission from referrals’ transactions.
  • Instant fund transfers and payment received in a secure manner using FasaPay SCI.
  • API Integration (implementable with any third party software).
  • As a merchant, you’ll have privileges to choose whether you or your buyers pays the fee.
  • There is no registration fee.
  • There is no regular administration (weekly, monthly, annual) fee.
  • Verified Members. The accuracy of FasaPay Members information are guaranteed to be exact with the actual person. Everyone must fill in personal data which are accurate and true when registering as a member. Improper data will be inactivated unilaterally.