Mobile Application

Fasapay Android

FasaPay already provides mobile application and you can see in google PlayStore you. service information of FasaPay Mobile and also get AUTH_KEY code, you can see at the following link, please click on the menu for Use and follow the steps in it.

Follow these step to use Application FasaPay Mobile :

  1. Login to member area at website
  2. Please make sure your status member is active. Registered status has not been able to use Android apps FasaPay.
  3. Choose menu SCI> Application API
  4. Click Authorize New App, to add new device.
  5. Fill you device name. Click Create.
  6. Device successfully created. Save the AUTH_KEY, it will needed later in FasaPay Android.
  7. Open Google Play Application and search FasaPay. Install FasaPay Android. Wait the process
    until it finish.
  8. Open FasaPay Android. After appear FasaPay home screen. Click Register tab.
  9. Fill the form according to your FasaPay account. For Password device column, this Password
    will be use when login in FasaPay Android. Input the AUTH_KEY you got from your account.
  10. Click Register button. Wait the process until appear a message “Register is Success. Press
    OK to continue login.
  11. Choose menu Login and fill your account number and your password device. Login.
  12. Congratulation, now you can use FasaPay Android.

Note :
One AUTH_KEY is valid for one Android device. Device password can be different from your account login password. If you lose your Android mobile phone, to secure it, please delete AUTH_KEY on your FasaPay account and other people will not be able to use your FasaPay android.