Low-cost Ways to Get Started With Video Marketing

1. Screencast presentations
Producing screencast videos of slideshow presentations is an effective-yet-inexpensive option. You could use ScreenFlow application valued $99 with wide range of functions but there are free screencasting applications available too. You are suggested to also use a good podcasting microphone.

Once you have written the script for your video and have created the visuals using PowerPoint, simply open your presentation, turn on ScreenFlow and narrate as if you were giving the presentation to a live audience. ScreenFlow has an abundance of editing features and you can export your video directly to YouTube.

2. Video testimonials
Video testimonials are popular among ecommerce store owners because they convey social proof and trust more effectively than text reviews. A couple of video testimonials from real clients on your product page can definitely help to improve conversions. Fortunately, customers are very forgiving about the video quality when it comes to testimonials. In fact, an exceptionally well-produced video testimonial can appear less trustworthy, since it’s probably well-rehearsed and shot with multiple takes.

Consider emailing your previous customers and offering them discount codes in return for video testimonials of your product. People love discounts, and you’ll benefit greatly from the social proof. It’s a win-win scenario.

3. DIY animation
A quality, animated, explainer video from a leading agency will set you back thousands of dollars. While you’re likely to get excellent results for this kind of investment, it’s not within everyone’s price range. As an alternative option, consider using DIY animation tools. Most of them are inexpensive or free and you can still create engaging videos (albeit not of the same quality as those that are professionally designed). You are suggested to starting with Animaker, which features a simple drag-and-drop interface.

4. Freelancers
Employing an in-house team of video marketing experts is not feasible for every company. Fortunately, with sites such as Fiverr and Upwork, you can tap into the international labor market and find skilled freelancers to help you with every facet of your video marketing strategy. For example, audio mixing is one of the most critical parts of producing a high-quality video. Most people can’t articulate why they think an audio track sounds professional, but they intuitively know when it doesn’t.

A freelance audio engineer will remove any unpleasant clicks and pops from your audio tracks, as well as mix the narration and background music to blend perfectly.

5. Use live video
Amazingly, Facebook users spend three times more time watching live videos than standard videos. Facebook Live is free to use and audiences aren’t going to expect flawless video quality on a livestream. This is an excellent way to create a more intimate connection with your audience without investing in expensive recording equipment and editing software.

Source : https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/297174