Leaked New Image Oreo As Android O

A newly leaked image is further hinting at Oreo as Android O when it comes to the name for the next version of Android. Oreo has been one of the rumored names for Android O for quite a while now but leading up to the reveal of the next version of Android which takes place tomorrow, August 21st, there have been a number of leaks and other rumors which seem to suggest that Oreo has been the choice that Google settled on. The image which you see above, shows a picture of the Android mascot with an Oreo cookie on its chest, as well as a cape, and with the Android bug droid seemingly set in a flying position sort of like a super hero.

The image doesn’t seem like something Google would use as an official image for the next version of Android, but the point is that the Oreo is present and not the image as a whole, which hints as this being the official name, which Google is going to reveal tomorrow. The image comes in the form of a tweet from Evan Blass, who is quite well-known for his leaks on upcoming devices as well as many other things related to tech and smartphones, as well as Android in general.

It also follows a previous leak from Blass that surfaced back on Friday which showed the picture of an Oreo that looked like the moon covering up the sun during an eclipse, which would be significant as Google already confirmed it would be announcing Android 8.0 tomorrow during the solar eclipse, which will happen in the morning for those on the west coast. This leak and all previous leaks don’t mean that Android Oreo is officially the confirmed name for the next version of Android, but Oreo has certainly been the most talked about and the most hinted at, which for some will be more than enough of a confirmation even if it isn’t official. Another potential name for the next version of Android has been oatmeal cookie, which has leaked in some capacity as well, though not as heavily as Oreo. With Google set to unveil things tomorrow, it won’t be too long now before Android 8.0 is announced to the public and it starts hitting devices.

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