Joyce Meyer Biography

If you have ever watched ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’, a Joyce Meyer Ministries programme, you would have often wondered how can a victim of sexual and emotional abuse talk so assuredly about God’s grace, His plans and His love. Joyce Meyer is definitely ‘blessed’. A charismatic Christian speaker and author, Meyer went through a great deal of turmoil in her early life but rose from them all to build one of the world’s largest Christian ministries in the world. Her books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration in Jesus Christ and her programme commits at redeeming the words of Jesus Christ by helping people inculcate them in their life. She claims that it was God’s words that helped upturn her doomed life. She serves as a practical Bible teacher, sharing her experiences and testimony and her life-changing message from God. Lately, Meyer has earned wrath from the media for her excessively extravagant lifestyle. However, unscathed by the comments, she continues in her effort to help others redeem their life.

Childhood & Early Life

  • Joyce Meyer was born as Pauline Joyce Hutchison on June 4, 1943 in St Louis. Young Joyce was taken care of by her mother initially, as her father served the army during the Second World War.
  • After her father’s return from the army, Joyce was shattered, as he abused her not just sexually but mentally, emotionally and verbally as well. He was a controlling person.
  • The exploitation left a deep imprint on the being of Joyce as she developed a derogatory sense of self. Though she looked perfect to onlookers, Joyce had become a victim of multiple personality disorder. She went to school but could not concentrate; neither was she allowed to participate in any after-school activities.
  • At a young age, Joyce was filled with a sense of self-pity. She was hardly manageable and developed a controlling, manipulative, insecure and harsh behaviour. She experienced a feeling of guilt and adopted a negative thinking that was powered by suspicion. Worst was that she never felt safe anywhere.
  • Despite being victim of the maltreatment, Joyce did not give up on her studies and completed her graduation from O’Falllon Technical High School in St Louis.
  • Major Works

  • Joyce Meyer commenced a television ministry that has today become one of the largest Christian ministries of the world. Its programme ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’ is viewed by more than 4.5 billion viewers and is broadcast in 40 languages on 900 TV and radio stations. Her programme helps millions of people find hope and restoration in Jesus Christ. She aims at redeeming the words of Jesus Christ by making people instil them in their life.
  • Personal Life & Legacy

  • Following her graduation, she went into the wedlock with a part-time car salesman. However, hopes of a better future crashed as her husband cheated on her frequently. The marriage did not last long and the two were divorced after five years.
  • After her divorce, Joyce frequented local bars. Here, she met Dave Meyer, an engineering draftsman. The two hit it on almost instantly and finally got married on January 7, 1967. They have been blessed with four sons.
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