James Jebbia Biography

James Jebbia grew up in Crawley, West Sussex and stayed there until he was the age of 19. James Was in Grange Hill as “Tommy Watson” and only starred on season 1. James then got a few other parts in some smaller films and television shows.

In the early 90’s James set off to America and became one of the founders and was store manager of the now infamous clothing brand Stüssy. He stayed working along with Shaun Stüssy (founder of Stüssy) for another 3 years until 1994 when Shaun helped James set up “Supreme”.

It was located in Lafayette street New York and was based around skateboarding. 23 years later Supreme is one of the worlds most hyped Brands, doing collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Stone Island, Comme Des Garçons, Nike, Jordan… James Jebbia lives in New York But comes to London allot for meetings (Supreme related). The Supreme Store in London is located in Peter street and so are the offices so if you ever get a chance to go down there, you might even meet him. Written September ’17

Source: IMDb