Instagram Business Tips for 2021

Source LSEO, Instagram has become a creative hub and top social media platform for businesses to expand their brand through images and videos, while also engaging with their clientele. By strategically planning a creative marketing initiative, businesses can reach their specific target audience on the local and national level, but are they utilizing every opportunity Instagram presents to them?

So, how can you make your brand’s presence not only known on Instagram but ensure you are reaching your ideal customers? We’ll cover 4 tips that you can implement today for immediate engagement and growth.

Use An Instagram Business Account
We’re starting with this basic step because you need to have a business account on Instagram. Otherwise, you will miss out on getting access to features that we’ll discuss later on. It is super simple to set up, and will only take you a few minutes, and if you have an Instagram account already it’s even faster.

Use Tools To Help Your Content & Instagram Posts
Now that you have an account set up, you obviously need content to post so your audience has something to engage with! The three tools I like to use are Canva, BannerSnack, and For the best results you want to post consistently but at a bare minimum of three times a week.

Focus on Your Instagram’s Engagement
Engagement is king on Instagram. Without anyone engaging with your content, your posts won’t reach new audiences. So how do you grow your engagement? You grow your engagement by utilizing hashtags, posting content types that your audience wants to see, and by using Instagram post features like sliders, polls, and questions.

Set Up Instagram Stories & Story Highlights
Have you ever wondered how brands are able to expand their profile with cool looking icons? They’re utilizing Story Highlights. Highlights organize your archived Instagram Stories. It then lets you set up different categories and make custom icons. For eCommerce, this is ideal to show off specific product catalogs. For restaurants, you can show different types of meals, and highlight different locations if you have multiple. Regardless, I’ve seen brands be pretty creative with what they put here.