Tips for Traveling in ‘New Normal’

In coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re forced to implement the so-called ‘new normal’ or new norms in conducting our activities. The new normal will also affect the way we travel.
Corporate Strategic & Marketing Communication Best Hostels Indonesia, Juanito Alfa Nanlohy, shared tips to travel amid the pandemic.

Hand sanitizer
To keep your hands clean, hand sanitizer is a must item to bring. Not to forget your wipes, tissues, handy liquid soap, and disinfectant. In addition, prepare personal medicine and consume vitamin routinely.

Personal Items
It is better to bring and use your personal stuff when traveling during the pandemic. It includes travel cutlery, water bottle, sandals, and towels.

Wear Mask
No matter where you go, wearing a face mask is a must to avoid the spread of the virus. Besides, it can protect you from dust and pollution during the trip.

Prepare Document
Browse for official information and prep your documents as set by the government before you purchase a ticket or book a hotel. Don’t forget to find information regarding the requirements to travel to the destination.

New Normal, New Rules
The ‘new normal’ create new rules and regulations in traveling. Make sure you collected the information regarding these issues. The new protocols can be related to guest limit, ticket purchase, specific health measures, etc.

Solo Traveling or Staycation
You can go for a staycation and book a place with the facilities that suit for a stay and enjoy the beautiful scenery for a night or two without leaving the town to go to a tourist destination.

Use a Personal Vehicle
Explore the city where you live and look for unique places you’ve never been to. Use your own vehicle to avoid crowds at public transportation. You don’t have to leave the town and ride on public transport to travel.

Avoid Crowded Destinations
Pay good attention when searching for a destination, as people will flock recreational areas after the reopening, or come earlier to the destination. Otherwise, you must maintain physical distance in a crowded pace and refrain from touching your face.

Cashless Transaction
Cash is one of the media for bacteria and viruses to spread. Therefore, minimize the use of cash in doing financial transactions. Nowadays, there are a lot of online and cashless payment facilities available at travel destinations.

Take a Rest
By the end of the day, traveling activities can be so exhausting. Rest your eyes from gadgets and your body by going to bed early.