How To Use Instagram Music For Your Stories

Instagram Music was launched globally last year June and now Facebook has brought it to India. It is a great feature that helps you to add music to your Instagram Stories. Now even the Instagram users in India where it works like stickers and helps you to add soundtracks to your stories. It is available on both android and iOS.

As soon as it was announced, many desi music addicts immediately went to check the new feature. But it is not in the slides Up sticker option. So if you are still unable to find this feature, you should update your app as soon as possible. You can easily install the new version from the App Store as well as from the Play Store. You can even force quit the App. Since its arrival, it became quite a talk of the town.

Step by step instructions to use Instagram Music
Step 1: Slide Open the Camera and open the Instagram Stories.
Step 2: Add a sticker to the photo or video that you are willing to add to the story. There you can find the new music icon.
Step 3: By tapping on it, you can come across a library of songs to choose from.
Step 4: You can search for your favorite song accordingly. You can also search for Popular, Mood, and Genres and choose the one you like.
Step 5: By clicking on the Play button, you get to hear the preview of the song that you have chosen. You can even rewind or fast forward the song so that you can exactly select the clip that will fit your story perfectly.
Step 6: The song can even be chosen before you have recorded your Instagram story.
Step 7: Then tap to open the camera and swipe it so that you can choose the Music option. It is under the record button.
Step 8: Search a song that you wish to add and then record a video while the music is playing in the background. That way it will play according to the video.

You can even add Sound Cloud music on Instagram stories. In its latest version, you can easily find a track that you want to share. After you have selected the song, click on the share icon that you can see at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the Instagram icon, then select Share to Instagram stories. The link can easily be shared with your Instagram followers.

You can even share Spotify music on Instagram story. Go to the Share menu that you can see in the Spotify App. Then click on Instagram stories. You can add stickers, captions, whistles, and bells and then post it on Instagram stories. With the help of Apple Music, you can add music to the Uploaded media. You will just have to choose the song and then share it along with the story that you are uploading, be it photo or video, on Instagram.

Source :GIZBOT