How to use Google’s new Emoji Kitchen feature

Soon after Unicode announced 64 new emojis, Google introduced a new feature for its Gboard keyboard app that allows users to fuse two different emojis into one and share. This creates endless possibilities.

Currently, the tool is only available on Gboard keyboard on Android and allows users to combine 130 emojis in over 800 different combinations. The feature currently only supports normal emoji faces and animals. Google has clarified that they will be bringing support for more emojis soon.

As already mentioned, the service is currently limited to Android users, but non-Android users can also access the feature using Emoji Kitchen website and create their combination.
So, if you are wondering how to use this feature, follow our step-by-step guide

Latest version of Gboard keyboard app
Working internet connectivity
Android smartphone

Steps to follow on Android smartphone
1.Open Gboard Keyboard app and tap on the Emoji icon
2.Step to follow for non-Android users
3.Choose any emoji and the Emoji kitchen feature will automatically start suggesting you different types of combinations
4.Choose one of the combinations and tap on it to send.

Step to follow for non-Android users
1.Open on any browser preferably Google Chrome
2.Wait for the website to load then choose the emojis you want to fuse together by clicking on the respective emoji boxes
3.Once done, it will show the live preview
4.Now, tap on Download button to save it on the device.