How To Track All Your Digital Subscriptions

Source from GIZBOT, Subscriptions have a way of gobbling up your monthly budget. From music streaming services and entertainment platforms to donations through Patreon to extra cloud storage fees, subscriptions have a tendency to pile up and be a drain on your monthly budget.

Although not having to sit down every month and remember every single bill that you have to pay is a convenience.Signing up for the subscriptions might make you forget how much money you’re actually spending every month. All the small monthly fees that you pay might be rounding up to a huge sum.

Companies can enjoy a steady stream of income until you unsubscribe to their services. This is another reason the model is in place. In order to keep better tabs on your subscriptions, you can use the built-in systems inside your Android and iOS systems. A quick rundown of all the available options have been listed below:

For Apple devices
When you purchase an app on iOS, the subscription will be tied up with your Apple ID. To view these payments, open Settings and then tap on your name > iTunes & App Store > your Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions. You will need to verify your identity at some point in this process.

You will be able to see your subscriptions in a list and you tap on one, you will be able to see whether it’s possible to change your plan. You can end your payments as well by going to the bottom of the screen and hitting the Cancel Subscription button.

Your account will most likely remain active till your next payment date. You will not be charged from the next month.

You can manage your subscriptions on your computer as well using iTunes. Open iTunes and head to Account > View My Account > View Account. Scroll down to Settings on the next page, find the Subscriptions, and click on Manage next to it. You will be able to see a list of subscriptions, you can click on the Edit button after any of the items to change or cancel the plan.
For Android devices

Android also has a menu page that allows you to manage all of your app subscriptions. Open the Play Store, tap on the Menu button on the top left and then choose subscriptions. A list of all the Play Store apps that regularly charge you along with the billing frequency, amount and the next payment date will be listed here. You can tap on any of these items in order to manage it. Hit Update to change the way you pay or to cancel your subscription. You will need to sign up for a new account if you want to re-subscribe to the subscriptions.

You can also deal with your subscriptions by visiting the Play Store web portal and clicking on My Subscriptions to view the full list. By clicking on Manage next to whichever subscription you want to modify, you can view each item’s payment details, make updates to the plan or even cancel it.

These methods can also help you keep an eye on all the digital subscriptions that you have signed up for.