How To Stop Websites From Requesting Notification Access

The Internet is filled with things which can actually distract us to a great extent, like banner ads, ads and others which interrupts our browsing experience to a great extent. Chrome Web Store offers us a lot of ad blockers itself but keeps on showing you all the notifications which keep popping up. This notification request is really annoying at times.

Although you get a request too, which asks you if you wish to get notifications or not, even then it becomes unbearable with all the requests and every site owner keeps on sending you push notifications. But thankfully there is a working method with the help of which you can actually block the requests of notification access in your PC.

Block Notification Access Request: Google Chrome
There are certain simple steps required that you need to follow to block notification request in the web browser of Chrome.
Step 1: Open Google Chrome Browser. Select Settings by clicking on the three dots.
Step 2: Go to Settings, Scroll down. Then select Advanced Settings.
Step 3: Click on Notifications under Site Settings.
Step 4: Change the Notifications Settings to Blocked from Ask Before Sending. Then you can stop the websites from sending these endless requests on Notification Access on the Google Chrome Browser.

Block Notification Access: Firefox Browser
Firefox browser also allows you to block the Notification Access.
For that follow the simple steps:
Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox. Open Menu and Click on Options.
Step 2: Choose Privacy and Security.
Step 3: Go and Click on Permissions Tab. There Click on Notifications.
Step 4: Go to Settings. There enable Block new requests asking to allow notifications. That is how you can block new notification requests from Mozilla Firefox.

Block Notification Requests: Chromium Edge
The Chromium Edge Browser is available on Windows 10 Computer. To block the notifications from there, you need to follow the following steps:
Step 1: Open Chromium Based Edge Browser. Then Select Settings by clicking on the three-dot menu.
Step 2: Click on Site Permissions from the left-hand side panel.
Step 3: Click on Notifications from the Site Permission.
Step 4: Chromium Edge also has a default option called Ask before Sending. It is just like the Google Chrome Browser. There you will have to change your option or toggle your option to Blocked. By following these simple steps you can easily block the Notification Access requests from the Chromium Edge Browser.

By following these steps for all the separate web browsers, you can stop these browsers from requesting notification Access. After going through them and strictly following them, you can get rid of these pop-up notifications and have a smooth browsing experience.

You will no longer be faced with the annoying notification requests as well as the permission to ask the Notification Access. Be it any of the Browser mentioned above, you will be enjoying a Notification free experience which will make you Access the Browser even more.

Source : GIZBOT