How to share Wi-Fi password from iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

It is not an easy affair to share Wi-Fi password especially if your password is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Thankfully, iOS on Apple devices come with a handy feature that allows users to share their Wi-Fi password with a friend or family without actually telling them or typing it manually on the other phone. The feature uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Apple IDs of both the devices to share the Wi-Fi password between them securely.
So, if you are wondering on how to do it, follow our step-by-step guide

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be turned on, on both devices.
Personal Hotspot should be turned off
Make sure the devices are running on the latest version of iOS, iPadOS or macOS
Make sure both devices are within the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range
Also, ensure that both devices have the Apple ID saved under email section in Contacts app.

Steps to follow
1. Unlock the primary device and make sure it is connected to the Wi-Fi network
2. Now, unlock the second device and head to Wi-Fi settings
3. Choose the network for which you want to share the password
4. Now, bring the primary device within the Bluetooth range
5. The primary device will receive a popup notification asking to share password with nearby device
6. Tap Share Password, then tap Done

That’s it, the password field on other phone will be filled automatically