How to setup Messenger Rooms video call with up to 50 people

Facebook has finally rolled out its new group chat tool called Messenger Rooms to take on the likes of Zoom, Skype and other video-conferencing services.
Messenger Rooms is now live for web, Android and iOS platforms. It allows up to 50 people to chat at the same time. Participants don’t need a Facebook account to chat.

So, if you are looking to create a Messenger Room with your friends and family and spend some good chatting time with them, follow our step-by-step guide.

Latest version of Messenger app
Working internet connection
Facebook login credentials

How to create a Room on Messenger Rooms
1. Open Messenger app on your smartphone
2. Now, tap on People tab at the bottom-right side of the screen
3. Here, tap on Create a Room
4. To add people who don’t have a Facebook account, you can share the invitation link with them.
You can add up to 50 people in a single room

How to join a room using the link shared by the host
According to Facebook, users don’t need to download the Messenger app or any other software. They can simply use the shared link to join via Messenger web through phone or PC.