How to send WhatsApp messages or place calls using Siri on Apple iPhone

Don’t feel like lifting up your mobile to reply to a WhatsApp message? Or want to start a WhatsApp call (audio/video) without opening the social messaging app? If the answer is yes then here’s good news for Apple iPhone users. Since iOS 10.3 update in 2016, Apple has introduced Siri integration with third-party apps, including WhatsApp. This means that iPhone users with devices running iOS 10.3 or above can reply to WhatsApp messages or place WhatsApp calls with few voice commands using Siri.

To do so, one needs to first integrate Siri with WhatsApp. If you are wondering how to enable Siri on WhatsApp, here’s how to do it.
The only prerequisite is an Apple iPhone running iOS 10.3 or above.
1.Open Settings on your iPhone
2.Head to Siri and Search section
3.Click and turn on ‘Listen for “Hey Siri”
4.Alternatively, press Home for Siri and Enable Siri
5.Users of Apple iPhone iPhone X (and above) can simply press the Side button for Siri and then Enable Siri
6.Now, scroll down and tap on WhatsApp
7.Here, turn on the ‘Use with Ask Siri’

Siri is now ready to use for replying to WhatsApp messages or making WhatsApp calls

Readers must note that if WhatsApp is opened with unread messages, Siri will interpret those chat messages as ‘Read’ and will not read them aloud. “Opening WhatsApp with unread messages will reset the notification badge. Siri will then interpret this as if there were no unread messages and will therefore be unable to read them aloud” says the WhatsApp FAQ page.