How to Secure your Computer from Identity Thieves

Below are some of the ways that you should follow to protect your computer from the identity thieves that can be anywhere from your computer and its connected networks.

#1 HDD/Folder Encryption
There is one such method that is highly used in various deployments of the digital world when there comes the case of protection or securing the personal data or the important data and that is the password protection. By using the passwords, one can easily encrypt the folders or the whole hard disk so that no one else could access the data inside them. Hence it becomes difficult to get any information out of them. If by case anyone steals your HDD then you could feel safe as there will be password requirement so as to gain access to it, therefore you can remain sure that your account data if any present inside it is not available to the thief.

#2 Password Authentication
There is a great feature trending nowadays that helps to protect up the encrypted files or the folders or the accounts to a great extent i.e password authentication. By using the Two-factor authentication of the passwords, there will be a need of filling up the unique code after password that is provided on the registered mobile number (you provided it before) at every new login. You can authenticate your file, folder passwords using the various online tools made for such purposes only so make sure you have applied it to your important files/folders with any such accounts related information.

#3 Browser Changes
Most of the browsers use to save the passwords for your accounts if you have not disabled it, so you should disable it for sure so that it may not store the details of the account credentials. You should also prefer to use the browsers in incognito mode so that there could be no cache saved for your accounts or other visited important sites.