How to Reset Master Code FasaPay Account

Master Code is a numeric code consisting of 6 digits. The Master Code will be requested after you login to FasaPay for the first time. The Master code is required when you want to change your FasaPay account data. This is to prevent data changes by unauthorized people.

Your Master Code settings can be found on the menu: Profile> Security Center. This Master Code is not made by the system but you determine it.

  1. Account owner’s Full Name:
  2. Identity Number (KTP / SIM / Passport):
  3. Place and Date of Birth:
  4. Full Address (As per ID):
  5. Registered email address:
  6. Registered mobile number:
  7. Fasapay account number (FIxxx):

    After filling in the data above, please send the data to email: [email protected] with the subject “Reset Master Code” . And the thing important that you need to keep in mind is to use the email listed on your FasaPay Account so that your request to reset your master code can be processed immediately. This process will take a maximum of 1 business day.