How to remove trusted devices from Google Account

Trusted devices for most people are usually a phone or computer that are used to authorize a login in case a user has activated two-step verification and don’t want to enter security code or security key every time to authenticate. Despite the fact that it adds convenience while logging into Google account, at times it becomes confusing. This happens when people don’t know which is the primary device where we are supposed to receive the authentication popup and to solve this problem, Google allows users to delete or add trusted devices manually and here’s how to do it.

Any device with browser installed in it
Working internet connectivity
Google account login credentials
Before proceeding with the steps, ensure that the phone number registered with Google account is active or Google Authenticator app is configured correctly for future logins.

Steps to remove trusted devices from Google account :
1. Open Google Chrome browser on your smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet.
2. Now, type “” and login using Google account details
3. Now, tap on the ‘Security’ option from the top right corner
4. Now, it will ask for the account password as a verification
5. Under singing to Google option, tap on 2-Step Verification option
6. Then, scroll down to the bottom and click on the option ‘Revoke All’

This will remove all the trusted devices you have saved in the past. Do note that after this you might have to authenticate your account via security code received on registered phone number or using Google Authenticator app.