How to register cybercrime complaints online

The internet for a large chunk of people is more than just about making Google Search or using social media. People nowadays use lots of other services as well such as booking online cabs, banking, buying something from an e-commerce platform, etc. All of this brings convenience on to the table, but also has security implications such as online scams, banking frauds, etc.

To cater to such complaints, the Government of India has launched an online cybercrime complaint portal that allows citizens to register the complaint online and follow up the progress as well.
So, if you have ever been through any online scams, banking frauds or any other type of cybercrime and looking for a way to register a complaint, follow our step-by-step guide.

1. Open ‘’ and click on ‘File a complaint’ button
2. Now, accept the terms and conditions at the next page
3. Then click on the ‘Report Other Cybercrime’ button
4. Choose the option ‘Citizen Login’ and fill in key details such as state, user name and mobile number.
5. Enter the OTP received, fill-in the mathematical captcha and click the ‘Submit’ button
6. At the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter key details in a form. The form has been divided into four parts — Incident Details, Suspect Details, Complaints Details and Preview and Submit.
7. At the Incident Details page, enter details such as Category of a complaint, Sub-Category of the complaint, Approximate date & time of Incident/receiving/viewing of content, Reason for delay in reporting and Where did the incident occur.
8. You might also need to enter social media account details, website URL and update supporting evidence of the crime.
9. Click on ‘Save and Next’ button
10. After this enter suspect details such as name, Identity proof or even address, if you have
11. At the Complaints details, enter your details such as email address, photograph, etc and move to the next step.
12. Now, verify each and every details you have entered and ensure that they are best as per your knowledge and hit the ‘Confirm and Submit’ button to successfully file the complaint.
13. You can also download the pdf file of your complaint by clicking on the ‘Download PDF’ button at the last step.