How to recover lost data from iCloud

Icloud is the primary online storage solution for Apple devices and at times it happens with most of us that we accidentally delete a file or somehow it goes missing from the iCloud. Well, the good news here is Apple iCloud keeps all the deleted files in the deleted section for 30 days that allows users to recover them in case they have accidentally deleted them and hence they are recoverable for that particular time period.

To do this, a user needs a Mac, iPad or any device that has a browser installed in it. Practically, almost every computing device comes with a browser nowadays. Another obvious requirement is internet connectivity. So, let’s see how to recover any deleted file from iCloud.

How to recover deleted or missing iCloud files
1. Open any web browser on the device (Mac, iPad and other devices)
2. Open and log in using Apple login id and password
3. Once logged in, click on the ‘Account Settings’ placed just below the Account name at the top
4. Look for ‘Advance’ section and from there click to ‘Restore Files’ option
5. Wait until iCloud is done loading with all the recently deleted files
6. Here, choose an individual file or select the All checkbox to restore the files
7. Click ‘Restore’ button and wait for the restoration process to complete
8. After the process is complete, click on ‘Done’ button to finish.
9. In case you are using an iOS or iPadOS device, head to ‘Recently Deleted’ section under the Files app to restore the deleted files.

Do note that this process only recover files are deleted within 30 days after this iCloud automatically deletes the data permanently.