How to Order Web Campaign on FasaPay

FasaPay Web Campaign is an advertisement program provided by FasaPay to be placed on FasaPay blog Until now, viewer is 10406. With this much viewer we believe you will have more chances of getting maximum exposure.

We have multiple places in the ad placement.
Ads 1: 728 x 90 (US$ 200)
Ads 2: 350 x 250 (US$ 100)
Ads 3: 350 x 250 (US$ 100)
Ads 4: 350 x 250 (US$ 100)
Ads 5: 350 x 250 (US$ 100)
Ads 6: 728 x 90 ((US$ 200)

Details for ads: There are 2 banners / campaigns (in English and Indonesian), content: promotional banners provided by merchants, banner sizes based on ads you choose.

How to order:
Step 1: Login to
Step 2: Click regular menu or regular button
Step 3: Select and click the desired ad layout button
Step 4: Click Agree (if you agree to the terms and conditions in Fasapay) on
popup steps message
Step 5: Select the available month, enter the voucher code (if you have one) and click agree (if you agree as per terms and conditions that exist in Fasapay) then click Submit
Step 6: Fill the form with your name, email and fasapay account
Step 7: Make payment through your FasaPay account
Step 8: If the payment is Successful, you will go to Success page
Step 9: Input ID Booking and Click agree with the terms and condition, Click submit button
Step 10: Upload your banner image and URL then click save
Step 11: Finish.