How to make your Android device safe for kids

Stopping the kids from doing any unauthorized activity on your Android has become a very important task nowadays. If one does not have the skills and knowledge to access the Android phone, it might cause damage to the device. Kids can unknowingly even delete files or can even do transactions with user accounts as most of the time they do not know how valuable is the data inside the phone and hence they play with it.

Different User Profile should be Created for your Children Since multiple user profiles can be created with restricted access to your Android phones, a user profile should be created for the child. For that go to Settings, click on users, you can see the option Add User to profile, different user profile types can be seen- regular and restricted, you can create a restricted account or a regular account, then Applications and content restriction screens can be created. You can keep only selected apps over there.

In-app purchases should be blocked in Play Store Kids might accidentally enter the play store and do in-app purchases from there. So it is always better to restrict the in-app purchases before giving your Android phone to the kids. For this, you will have to go to the Play store, Go to Settings, then User Control and the media based restriction can be restricted that way. One can even block the app purchases from there too.

Turning Off Installation from Unknown Sources
Installation of certain software can easily be allowed by children so it is always wise to turn them off. This way the Android does not face any form of security threats. For doing that, Go to Settings, then click on Security and then click Untick Unknown Sources.

Using Toddler Lock App
Colorful graphics and soothing sounds in a child lock are more than great to keep your kid diverted and entertained. They will then hardly make calls or start other apps. Colors and shapes can also be taught to the kids that way. When the application is active, it is best to put your phone on Airplane Mode. This way your little darling will not be irritated.

Certain Apps can be locked using certain apps
App Lock is the best solution to secure your privacy from others. The users can lock the apps that they do not want others to access. App Lock Android App is the best solution for that.

Parental Control Apps
These are available on Google Play Store and they make your phone really safe for kids. There are 3 best parental control Apps:

Google Family Link for Parents: This helps in setting digital ground rules and can even help your children in exploring, playing and learning online. It helps you to make a healthy decision and manage your apps and activity.

Kids Place: It is created for parents that control the activity and the screen time of the children. It restricts the apps and even blocks purchases from Google Play Store.

Safe Family: It helps in knowing the history of the app usage and block purchases too. It helps in cell phone tracker and also activity location details.

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