How To Learn English Faster? Follow this tips

English is a fun language to learn. even though it’s considered an accessible and relatively easy one to learn, with 750,000 words and spelling that can throw off even the most skilled learner, learning English fast can seem impossible. Take these 10 tips on how to learn English faster as your starting point and you’ll master this language in no time

Read everything you can get your hands on – Classic literature, paperbacks, newspapers, websites, emails, your social media feed, cereal boxes: if it’s in English, read it. This helps you improve quickly, as re-exposure to learned vocabulary gives you new examples in context, therefore reinforcing those words in your mind

Actively take note of new vocabulary – This tip is a classic one. When learning get into the habit of carrying around a funky notebook or using a tool like Evernote. Whenever you hear or read a new word or expression, write it down in a sentence.

Talk with real live humans – Just think of how many times you’ve heard people say that they understand, but can’t speak English. Seek out native speakers for an informal language exchange, enroll in a course, or take classes online.

Subscribe to podcastst or youtube channers (in English) – humor? Politics? Blogging? Cooking? Listen while driving or watch during the commute to school or work. At first, you might find the native accents difficult, but stick with it and you’ll soon start to understand what you hear.

Go Aboard – English is the most widely-spoken language in the world, and with a long list of countries to choose between, you can select your ideal learning environment based on hemisphere, weather, or favorite city.

Use your friends – Have friends who post online in English? They might be post a news or magazine articles, videos, talks, blog posts, songs, or anything else. If the topic interests you, it’s going to be helpful!

Ask a lot of Questions – As you learn English, you’ll soon collect a mountain of questions. Don’t sit on your doubts. If you’re enrolled in a course, ask your teacher. But if you’re learning alone, you can find answers in blogs or language websites, ask other learners, or read through forums.

Take a lead from the stars – Mix up your learning by picking a native English-speaking actor or singer you like. Taking time to note down interesting expressions and words you hear.

Start with what you really need – Your English studies are likely to go far more quickly if you constantly remind yourself of your motives for learning. Are you going on a study exchange? Then, focus on vocabulary related to your studies. Have an overseas conference? Brush up on conversation starters to use with the other participants. Going on a gap year? Looks like travel and tourism vocabulary will be your guide. If you simply launch into learning English hoping to magically learn anything and everything at once, you’re likely to end up confused and burned out. Which brings us to…

Don’t kick yourself while your’re down – When you start to feel like you’re not making ground, don’t say, “I don’t speak English,” or “I’ll never get this.” Instead, say “I’m learning English and making improvements everyday,” “It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it,” “I’m so much better that I was six months ago”

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