How to Kurma Face Mask for Glowing and Nourish Skin

Do you know that palm dates are one of the popular skin-food? Just de-seed and chem. The fruits which are well known as snacks in the Middle East are laxative and beneficial for our skin. Besides having loads of health benefits, kurma are also very nutritious. They are rich of iron, vitamins, and mineral which are great for our body, including skin.

All you need are clean fresh kurma, whole milk, and semolina. These are the steps for making the dates face mask.

1.Rinse the dates with clean water thoroughly and de-seed them.
2.Warm a cup of whole milk.
3.Add the dates into the milk and let them soak.
4.Wait for up to 30 minutes.
5.Squeeze the dates in the milk and mix them well into paste.
6.The kurma face mask is ready.

Directions of usage:
Make sure you have wash your skin clean. Then, apply tiny dollops of the mask all over the face. Begin gently massaging your face and neck for five to ten minutes. Leave it until dry and wash off.

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