How to know when your laptop is overheated and how to keep it cool

As laptops become more powerful with each passing year, the more heat signatures they leave behind. Even gaming laptops have started coming with a separate component or with a liquid cooling system to keep the heat levels down. But often it happens that regular, everyday use laptops too get heated up when used for prolonged time periods.

In case you are one of the affected users. Here are some of the ways how you can keep your laptops cool.

Is your laptop being overheated or not?

Before we get started, it is important to note if your laptop is even being overheated or not. Laptops heat up all the time but this doesn’t mean it is always overheated.

The first indication that your device is overheating is that when you hear the laptop fan always running at full speed.

Besides the fan running at full speed for long time durations another clear indication is the reduced operating speeds while working on the device. This generally happens because the CPU cuts down on clock speeds in order to reduce the amount of heat generated.

There can be several reasons why laptop overheating may take place. One of the most common reasons could be air blocking due to dust.

Dust can block the exhaust grilles at times, leading to less outflow of heat. Clogging of exhaust fans may also be one of the issues.

So how can you prevent laptop overheating?

First and most basic tactic could be cleaning out the exhaust fan in the laptop. This is required as dust and other particles stick with it over time, proving it to be a less of a cooling tool.

Generally laptop brands don’t allow you to crack open the lid and clean it by yourself. You can still get in touch with the customer care and check with it once.

Before you begin, make sure the laptop is shut down, the battery has been removed. Using a cotton soaked with alcohol could be one of the methods for cleaning the fans.

Using a small vacuum cleaner is also possible. You can clean the fan with it or can use it to suck the dust from the exhaust grilles of the laptop.

Those having slightly more knowledge about it can even apply thermal grease to keep the temperature from rising.

While this was for cleaning the laptop, you can prevent it as much as you can by using some methods:

  • Try not to use the laptop on soft materials like bed or sofa. Since most laptops have their exhaust fans underneath, the soft material blocks it, trapping the heat inside.
  • Do not keep the laptop on standby when inside a bag. It heats up the device even more, forcing it to shut down due to high temperature.
  • You can even buy a laptop cooler. It doesn’t cost much online and is also a cheap solution to laptop heating. You can buy an external stand with a fan or a pillow-like cooler that takes in cold water and lets you keep your laptop on it and work for hours.
  • There are some softwares as well that can help you cut down on the excessive app usage, which generally is the reason for laptop overheating most of the times.

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