How to hide personal files and apps on Android Phone

Smartphones have become one of the most personal things in our lives. It contains things that help us connect with people, capture memories, consume content and do a lot more.

With such a deep integration of a smartphone in our lives, it is obvious that it holds a ton of confidential information, data that we don’t want other users who have access to your phone, get their hands on.

And while you can choose to lock a specific Gallery or File Manager, it just makes people have an awkward perspective towards you and what you’re trying to hide from others. In order to prevent this conundrum, there are ways through which you can hide confidential content to it isn’t visible to anyone, except you. Let’s check out ways to hide stuff from your Android smartphone.

Hiding files and folders on a file manager
This is by far one of the easiest ways of hiding folders or files on Android. Let’s assume that you have a set of pictures that you don’t want popping up in your gallery. In order to prevent this, all you need is a file manager. If you don’t have a file manager preinstalled, we recommend ES File Explorer. It’s the easiest one to use and best of all it’s free!

Once you’ve got yourself a file manager, open it and move the photos to a new folder and name it starting with a full stop. For example ‘.androiddata’ or something similar. The moment you add a full stop, in the beginning, the Gallery won’t show content from the folder as it’ll assume that it is a system folder. The name you add may be irrelevant, but make sure it’s something that resembles a system file folder to ward off sneakers looking for stuff on your phone. Since the images will still be visible to anyone who opens that folder in the file manager, you could additionally go ahead and move this folder to a chain of folders, just to be safe.

Hiding Apps from App Drawer
Just like sensitive images, there could be apps on your phone that you wouldn’t want others to find out about. And always installing-uninstalling an app can be a real pain, especially if you’re using mobile data. Instead, you could use a third-party launcher to hide the apps from the app drawer completely.

Nova Launcher is one of the cool launchers you could opt for as it looks identical to the Google Now launcher with a few bells and whistles to the side, including the App hiding feature. Once you’ve installed Nova go to Nova Settings=> App & widget drawers=> Hide Apps. Now go ahead and select the apps you want to hide, and they won’t show up in your app tray anymore.

You can also select Apex Launcher, which also comes with App hiding capabilities! In Apex Launcher, open the Apex Launcher App from the App drawer=>Drawer Settings=> Hide Apps to select the apps you wish to hide.

You can also choose to hide the file manager from the app drawer to secure your data furthermore.

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