How To Get Refund From Google Play Store?

Most Android phones have a pre-installed app store called the Google Play Store. It is where 95% of the games and apps can be found. TV episodes, magazines, music, movies, and e-books can also be bought from the same source. The refund stipulations are usually not the same but the way to refund is easy. It applies to all the games and apps.

How to get a refund using Google Play Listing?
While buying an app or a game it is easily understood whether to keep the app for a longer duration or not. It is there in the recent screen in Google Play. Tap the Recents button and go to the app you don’t want to see in the Google Play Listing. There one can find a Refund button. There you can uninstall the app and get a refund for the app. After confirming the refund, the app will be uninstalled and you can also get the refund in the payment method that you have used during the transaction.

Get a refund from the purchase history of Google Play
If you want a refund for the multiple purchases at once, you can directly go to the Purchase history and skip the app listing.
1. Go to Google Play.
2. Then click on the Menu Icon which you can find on the top left corner.
3. Click on Account and Tap on Purchase History.
4. Click on the Purchased item for which you want the refund.
5. Click on Refund and tap Yes.
6. If it’s an app or a game, it will easily get uninstalled.
7. After approving the refund, you can see Cancelled written in your purchase history where the price of the item is written. This is an easier way for you to get a refund faster.

When you can’t get a refund?
For most of the popular apps, the return window is usually 48 hours. So if it exceeds two days, a refund request has to be sent to the developer. So make sure when you are purchasing the same app or game twice, it will not be refunded for the second time. You can purchase it and then get a refund the first time but if you purchase it the second time, there’s no way out for you.

Be it for music, movies or TV you usually just need to click on the Play button. But if there are any watched media content, refunds can only be asked for if there are wrong episodes or any corrupted file in them. If you even the didn’t hit the Play button, you almost have a week to ask for the refund.

Even for single issue magazines and audiobooks also hardly ever provides you with a refund. The refund is only possible if they do not work. So if you do not like them for some reason or the other, you will not be offered the refund just like that.

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