How to get live cricket score on your Android screen

It is quite common among all the sports fans across the world to keep themselves updated with the live score of an ongoing match. To get the score update, people are often found standing in front of a TV nearby even in their busy schedules. Also, there are several third-party apps that keep on sending score update notifications to the users. understanding the need, Google has introduced a new feature that lets users pin live score popup right on the smartphone screen. Unfortunately the feature is only available for Android smartphone users.

Pin tracking feature lets users track live score of any sport without any hassle of repeatedly refreshing the Google sports page or opening an app. The score is pinned on the homescreen just like Facebook floating chat bubble. It also displays over other apps as well.

If you are curious to know how this works, here’s the step-by-step guide.

Latest version of Google Chrome browser
Latest version of Google app
Working internet connectivity
Android smartphone

How to get live score on Android smartphone homescreen
1. Open Google app or simply tap on the Google search widget
2. In the search window type ‘Sports’
3. It will then show all the latest update from the ongoing matches and upcoming matches
4. Tap on ‘Scores’ tab from the search result
5. Look for the match for you want to pin the score on the homescreen
6. Tap on ‘Pin live score’

The same can also be done using Google Chrome browser. Just open the browser, search Sports and follow the above-mentioned steps.

After this, you will see a new floating popup window with live score. It can also be dragged to any position of the screen as per users need. Also, tapping on the window will display detailed information of that particular match.

Good news, if you are a fan of both Football and Cricket and if both the matches are happening at the same time, you can pin multiple live score windows on the screen.