How to Fix Power Button Not Working on Your Smartphone

There are times when the power button of Android smartphones which makes it hard or almost impossible to use the smartphones. Well, the ultimate solution to the problem is to get that power button fixed, but that might take some time to get it done, so how to use the smartphone at the present situation? How to wake up the smartphone’s screen? Sounds a bit tricky, doesn’t it? Fret not, we have compiled a list of ways that one can use to wake the smartphone’s screen.

Method 1: Using the fingerprint scanner
Smartphones today come with Active fingerprint scanner which remains active even of the smartphone’s display is off. If you have configured the fingerprint scanner one can just scan their fingers to unlock the device.

Method 2: Using gesture-based features
Almost all Android smartphones have some wake-up gestures such as double tap to wake, swipe to wake, lift to wake etc. Turn on the feature from the Settings menu of the smartphone and use it to wake up the smartphone’s screen.

Method 3: Using third-party apps
There are several apps available on Google Play Store such as Power Button to Volume Button, etc, that enables users to revamp the smartphones power button functionality to the Volume button of the smartphone. There are several other apps such as Gravity Screen, Proximity actions and more that can add gesture-based features to the smartphone.

Method 4: Trial and error method
Some smartphone turns on the display while charging to show the notification. Another thing is setting up an alarm that turns on the screen of the phone. The alarm idea also works with some smartphones when they are off as alarms automatically turn on the device.